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22 April 2010 @ 07:34 am
Charisma Joins 'The Butterfinger Defense League'!  

"I thought there would be no safer place for my BUTTERFINGER® than snuggled up with me in bed. One morning I awoke to find my delicious BUTTERFINGER® missing. My puppy just looked at me, shaking his head in disgust. That's when I realized I needed to create an army to protect my BUTTERFINGER® bar... an army of sassy puppies. If you wanna learn how to use sassiness to make sure that Nobody's Gonna Lay A Finger On Your BUTTERFINGER®, then you better watch the video to your right."


At least it's work! :D
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Kelly: Charisma Gay Assxlivvielockex on April 22nd, 2010 03:52 pm (UTC)
I actually think this is fabulous! I don't see it as being any different than when Conan did the Bud Light ad. Or Charlize Theron doing Dior. Or any other celeb who does an ad. She's clearly having a blast and picked it for how fun it would be. And she is going all over to promote the hell out of it so yay! more exposure!

I can't wait for her individual video with the puppies. It needs to be put up like yesterday! :)