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15 March 2010 @ 08:42 pm
Looking for Mods/Promote!  

Since I can't handle a community on my own (weak!), I am requesting someone to volunteer to be a moderator! What this entails:

Help by posting at least one to two things a week, at the very least. 
Help accept entries
Help tag entries
General/other modding

To apply for a mod position, simply leave a comment here with the following information:

Modding Experience:
Why Do You Think You Should Be a Mod?:

That's all! PLEASE apply, lol. 


Second, PLEEEEAAASSEEE promote this community! We only have six members and five comments! If you really love Charisma, you would want people to join this community! (lol guilt trip)

Places to promote:

Buffy/Angel/Whedon-related comms
Your own user info
A Post in your journal

So, please promote!

Thank you! =D